Video Resources for Pope Francis Election

Recently, Fr. Chris Gorton and Fr. Andrew Stringfellow embarked on a venture to the heart of Rome to follow the conclave and hopefully enthronement of the new Pope. Here you can find each video, as it is uploaded, documenting their journey and giving some insight into this very special time.

Each link will open a full screen Youtube video. Related videos have been disabled to ensure videos may be viewed safely.

The Series

1. Introduction

2. Why Rome?

3. 'Uniforms' in the Church

4. St. Peter's Basilica

5. The Cardinal Guest House

6. Before the Mass prior to Conclave

7. After the Mass prior to Conclave

8. The Chimney in the Sistine Chapel

9. The timetable for the first day of Conclave

10. Reflection on Conclave Mass Homily

11. The start of the first full day of Conclave

12. St. Paul's outside the walls

13. Pope of Surprises

14. Space for the New Pope

15. Outside the Irish Embassy

16. Panoramic view of Rome

17. Salford Student for Priesthood

18. Interview with Archbishop Arther Roche for the Congregation of Divine Worship

19. Black smoke at the end of the third round of votes

20. Interview with Bernard Stuart

21. Wednesday 13th March, 5:00pm Update

22. Porta Fidei Badges

23. Interview with Molly, from Washington D.C.

24. Wednesday 13th March, 6:30pm Update

24. White smoke!

25. Surge after the white smoke

26. We have a new Pope!

27. First glimpse of Pope Francis and blessing

28. Last words from Pope Francis on Wednesday evening

29. First reaction in the crowd

30. Interview with Dominican Fr. Paul, Spiritual Director of Mother Theresa

31. Interview with Fr. Chris and Fr. Enda

32. Breaking story about himility of Pope Francis

33. Final reflection on Wednesday on Pope Francis

34. Thursday, 14th March, Morning Update

35. Preparations outside St. Peter's Basilica for the Inaugural Mass of Pope Francis

36. Tu es Petrus

37. Reactions to Pope Francis' first homily

38. Vatican Post Office Stamps: Sede Vacante and Habemus Papam

39. Interview with Tom, trainee priest at the English College in Rome

40. Seminarians

41. We are off to Assisi

42. Full Update for a school assembly

43. At the Blessed Pope John Paull II train station

44. Why Assisi is important

45. Portziuncula

46. Camino

47. Message for CYMFed from Rome (CYMFed website)

48. On the way (Camino) to San Damiano for Mass

49. Report on Pope's press conference

50. Interview with Cardinal Ravasi (Italian)

51. What Cardinal Ravasi said

52. The city welcomes Pope Francis

53. The famous seagull on the chimney

54. Who are the Swiss Guards?

55. Preparing for the huge crowds in St. Peter's Square

56. The Argentinian Flag is up

57. Massive media coverage

58. Pius the Sixth

59. Political situation in Italy at the moment

60. Start of Sunday, 17th March, St. Patrick's Day

61. Famous painting of St. Francis

62. Happy St. Patrick's Day

63. St. Oliver Plunkett

64. Interview with Cardinal Napier from South Africa

65. Trying to get to the Angelus

66. Getting nearer

67. Near enough for the blessing

68. School assembly for Monday morning

69. The Shamrock

70. Interview with Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor

71. Preparations for the Inagural Mass, including tickets to distribute Holy Communion

72. Monday, 18th March, Preparations outside St. Peter's Basilica

73. The Pope's coat of arms

74. Inside Vatican City

75. World Youth Day & the Porta Fidei badges

76. An exclusive view behind the scenes from Fr. Mark Harold, who will be commentating for the BBC

77. Part 2 of the exclusive behind the scenes footage

78. Part 3 - Views from the ground level of St. Peter's Square

79. Tuesday, 19th March, 5:35am Update from Fr. Chris

80. Tuesday Morning Update from Fr. Andrew

81. Fr. Enda on the way to St. Peter's for the Inaugural Mass

82. Where to find Fr. Chris and Fr. Andrew in the square during the Inaugural Mass

83. The Fisherman's Ring and the Pallium

84. The Pope in the Pope Mobile before Mass

85. The Pope incenses the altar

86. The Pope receives the pallium

87. Prayer for the Pope

88. The Pope receives the Fisherman's Ring

89. The Cardinals promise their alliegance to the Pope

90. Offertory

91. Salve Regina at the end of Mass

92. Sum up from Fr. Chris

93. Sum up from Fr. Enda

94. Sum up from Fr. Andrew

95. Thanks and goodbye!



Meeting Cardinal Tagle from the Phillipines

Meeting Cardinal Schönborn from Austria

The Cardinals venerate the altar during the Mass prior to conclave

The Cardinals leave St. Peter's Basilica

Meeting Cardinal Dolan from New York

St. Peter's Square waiting for the smoke, Wednesday 13th March, 11:00am

The crowds leaving St. Peter's after the election of Pope Francis

Receiving a blessing from Cardinal Collins from Canada

Pray with Fr. Chris and Fr. Andrew in front of the San Damiano Cross for Pope Francis

Pray with Fr. Chris and Fr. Andrew in front of the tomb of St. Francis for the Church

Representatives of Orthodox Clergy arrive on the platform for the Inagural Mass

Behind St. Peter's VIP Entrance as Heads of State leave