Masses for Colleagues

CPDF = Continuing Professional Development and Formation

The Department for Education has the highest regard for the formation of staff at all levels in our schools. Annual Masses are offered for the new NQT staff, Primary schools and Retiring colleagues. Other Masses are arranged for specific events such as the Year of Mercy. The provision for CPDF is targeted across the whole school workforce from teaching assistants, school chaplains and newly qualified teachers, to middle leaders, Primary RE Leaders, Heads of Department, senior leaders, headteachers and governors.

Provision is based on a Professional Continuum, which has been developed over the last three years. The Professional Continuum is a roadmap for all schools and individuals to plan and action what can be achieved by a. the individual; b. the school and its networks; c. the Diocese of Salford; d; national and professional organisations. The Continuum is available on this website.

For details of the provision on offer please go to the calendar button.