Ten Ten Theatre

Ten Ten Theatre is an award-winning theatre company working in primary schools, secondary schools, young offender institutions, parishes, community venues and theatres throughout the UK.

Established since 2007, the charity has produced an 11-year programme in Relationship Education for children in primary schools, young people and teenagers in secondary schools, their parents and teachers. The company has also developed a significant programme of work in prisons, working in numerous young offender institutions throughout the UK. Beyond its work with young people, Ten Ten has also worked in mainstream theatre, including staging a production of "The Jeweller" at the Leicester Square Theatre in London in 2011. Acclaimed for its professionalism, quality of script and performance, commitment to schools, and impact on the hearts and minds of children and young people, Ten Ten has a wide range of plays and resources available throughout the year. Ten Ten Theatre has an underlying Christian ethos rooted in the Catholic tradition. The name 'Ten Ten' is derived from the scripture passage John 10:10, "I have come that you may have life, life to the full." Through all of its work, Ten Ten aims to enable participants to "live life to the full."

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