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An Introduction to Islam - INSET for Primary School Teachers. Please click here for more information.


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Inter-religious Dialogue

My thanks to Bishop John for approving the Inter-religious Vision Statement and Guiding Principles for our Diocesan schools and colleges. This work is the outcome of the Working Party led by Fr Damian Howard SJ, Heythrop College, to whom and to whose members I am most grateful for their time and contributions. I am now recommending that this Vision Statement and set of Guiding Principles be adopted by all our schools and colleges across the Diocese. Kevin Quigley, Director of Education.

Click here to download the Guiding Principles document

Click here to download our Vision Statement

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'Growing in Faith Together' (G.I.F.T Teams)

On Wednesday 23rd September 2015 7 pupils from All Hallow's RC High School, Salford, were ‘missioned’ as members of the G.I.F.T team. As part of their ‘missioning service’ the young people are asked a question: “Are you ready to carry the greatest gift God has given to you to share with other pupils and staff in your school?” Each person responds to this question with ‘I am’ as their commitment in taking on this role.

It is our hope that every Catholic School will have a Pupil Chaplaincy Team with the responsibility of giving joyful witness to Christ in our schools. As Jesus Christ sent the apostles, the bearers of love, to proclaim the Good News of the Gospel to all peoples, the Pupil Chaplains are also sent forth as messengers of Christ’s love particularly in the school community. However, for the schools that are not yet able to form the Chaplaincy Team, we have formed the G.I.F.T. team, which recognises the diversity and needs within a particular school and seeks to provide for them. The G.I.F.T (Growing In Faith Together) Team is where schools have a significant number of children who are other than Catholic but who want to play a full part in the life of the school, yet cannot be commissioned as pupil chaplains.
Therefore, this alternative model enables all pupils of diverse faith backgrounds to take a leadership role in nurturing faith. When preparing the Catholic Pupil Chaplaincy Teams we focus on the story of St Martin of Tours and the origin of the word Chaplain. The training for the G.I.F.T Teams is underpinned by St Paul's (1 Corinthians 12:12) analogy of the Body – the uniqueness of each person and their special role in helping their school and community to grow in faith.

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Mini spiritual retreats and guided reflections for schools (for adults and children)

Mary Farmer has a career spanning 25 years as a full time teacher in the Catholic primary school sector within Oldham, Ashton and Mossley. She spent one year teaching in a Catholic high school. Mary would love to visit your school to deliver mini spiritual retreats and guided reflections providing the opportunity for staff and children to reflect on the presence of God in their own lives and to journey towards a deeper awareness of God's love. The retreats and reflections provide a chance to pray, meditate and respond. They also help to contribute to the personal wellbeing of all participants. Some sessions can be adapted for staff or children and are offered on-site or at Katherine House, a retreat centre in Salford. Reflections include: Welcome and Introductions, Image and Symbol, Prayer and Meditation, Music and Word. Retreats may also include art and a greater opportunity to respond and reflect. The retreats for children also include: Getting to know you, simplified story, prayer and praise, art or drama and simple story-based meditation. Click here for more information. To access further information on retreats that Mary is currently offering, please click here and to access Mary's letter to schools please click here.

'Schools Say' - Please use the following link to access feedback children and staff: FEEDBACK.


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Newly Qualified Teachers Induction Programme 2015-2016

On September 29th and 30th up to 180 Newly Qualified Teachers (NQT's) from different Catholic schools in the diocese, were welcomed into the diocesan school community as they took part in an Induction day organised by the Department for Education. The day started with a Commissioning Mass celebrated in the Cathedral by Bishop John Arnold. At the end of Mass, headteachers presented their NQT(s) to Bishop John, during which each NQT was presented a copy of Sr Judith Russi's How to Survive in a Catholic School. In the afternoon different sessions were delivered by the the Department for Education Team to help NQT's reflect upon their role and mission within their school, encouraging them to contribute to the consolidation of the Catholic ethos of their establishments. These sessions included: 'The 5W's Framework for Catholic Schools' by Kevin Quigley, Director of Education; 'The 5W's Model in Action in our Schools' by Martin Johnson, headteacher of Sacred Heart RC Primary, Bolton and Richard Woods, headteacher of St. Joseph's RC High, Bolton; and finally 'How to Survive in a Catholic School' by Sr Judith Russi, Education Consultant.   

Some comments from NQT's include:

  1. "This has been a really inspiring day and made excited to get back in my classroom! Thank you!"
  2. "The atmosphere and lovely motivational speakers. You should all be proud."
  3. "Being made aware I am part of the 'family' of the Diocese, the "bigger picture."
  4. "A welcoming and very detailed program."
  5. "Re-energising and invigorating. Provided endless inspiration."
  6. "The day gave me some great ideas to take back to school. It reminded me of why I chose my school and the Catholic family."



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Catholic Middle Leader Programme

The Catholic Middle Leader Programme, now in its second year, is a comprehensive one year course for teachers aspiring to leadership in a Catholic school. This includes participants from the five NW diocese of Lancaster, Salford, Shrewsbury and Wrexham. Participants attend an opening conference followed by teaching days and a school learning set, led by excellent facilitators and supported by a school coach. At the opening conference, participants attend a learning set group and a teaching session. Additionally, school coaches receive training led by outstanding headteacher providers. The programme for this year is full with 40 delegates. The programme has proved very popular and many of last year's candidates have been appointed to middle leader positions, strengthening our Catholic schools across the dioceses. Teachers who wish to aplpy for the programme for 2016-2017 should contact Daniella Stephens or Brendan Duffy for more information. The cohort group for next year is 50 but strictly on a first come first serve basis. Participants and applications will be accepted from March 2016 for start in July 2016 (Briefing Session) and September 2016 (Conference).

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New Headteachers 2015 - 2016

The Department for Education provides a four day induction programme for all newly appointed and acting head teachers, in addition to the provision of a Catholic headteacher mentor and access to advice from diocesan officers. Below are the new heads at the induction conference, which is held at Chancellors hotel, Manchester. Heads have an early opportunity to meet with all diocesan offers and their colleagues at the conference and become familiar with support mechanisms. Any heads who are appointed in the next year will be contacted by the department but if there are any enquiries please contact Brendan Duffy or Daniella Stephens at the Cathedral Centre.

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Governor Training

There are two levels for Governor Training provided by the Department for Education. For all new governors there in Induction Training, a full day training on the vision and mission for Catholic education in the Diocese of Salford. Induction training takes place each term - see the website calendar for details.

Level 2 training is for governors who have attended the Induction Training or have been in post for more than four years. Below are governors from the most recent training sessions, which involves presentations, workshops and interactive problem solving sessions.

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Outreach INSET report

Outreach INSET is provided by arrangement between the Department for Education and clusters of schools. The INSET days are usually Professional Activity Days (PA Days) and the focus is negotiated between the schools and the department. Clusters of schools who wish to arrange bespoke INSET sessions should contact Brendan Duffy or Daniella Stephens at the Cathedral Centre. The INSET day below is a professional activity day for all Primary schools in the Rossendale cluster of Primary Schools, focusing on RE Teaching and continuity.

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Caritas in Action

The Caritas in Action curriculum programme was approved by the Bishop for use in schools from the ages of 3 to 19. The programme is a fully comprehensive curriculum for all schools, which educates pupils and young people about the Social Responsibility teaching of the Church. The programme was commissioned by Caritas Diocese of Salford and has been introduced to schools over the course of the last year. The workship below was organised by the Pendle cluster of schools, led by Fr Chris Gorton and hosted at Holy Saviour Primary, Nelson. For further information contact Lorraine Leonard or Daniella Stephens at the Cathedral Centre.

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Visioning Group

The Visioning group is a separate consultative body in addition to other groups such as head teachers and RE teachers. It enables the Department for Education to fully understand the needs of our schools and colleges by listening to colleagues at the 'chalk face'. The group meets twice a year with a specific brief to source needs and requirements from classroom practitioners.

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