Headteacher Leadership Services


Welcome to a service designed specifically for school leaders!

None of us have infinite reservoirs of resilience, and having the ability to have clarity of thought at times of greatest pressure is part of our bespoke service provision. HLS Headteacher Leadership Services grew rapidly from a confidential support service that was ESTABLISHED in 2009 by heads and for heads. School leaders felt their resilience was being sorely tested at times. The continuing rise in headteacher workload coupled with such detailed accountability required, and the ‘lone’ position of the head means that being resilience is of paramount importance.

HLS provides leaders with a unique professional opportunity for understanding resourceful thought processes and candid confidential conversations, leading to precision, clarity and ease in this unique role. Our service can provides solution focused, visionary leadership; inspirational school improvement; precise performance goals and bespoke staff development second to none. We are trained professional coaches with headteacher and SIP backgrounds. We work mainly across the North and you can find our details, including our professional bio here www.hlsgroup.org 

Our core purpose is to fully support the role of the head in complete confidence. HLS provides creative solutions for personnel issues; school evaluation; whilst engaging and inspiring the leadership teams established within your school. We are guided by your values and enable you to see educational passions and re- engage with your unique purpose as professional leaders. We are accessible via telephone 24/7 for a conversation or an emergency and everything important to you ‘in between’. Access our service here www.hlsgroup.org

“Who would have ever thought having a conversation would be so useful? Now I see how unclear I was and have regained a purpose in amongst all the union and personnel worries.”  HT Bradford

“When Ofsted arrived they questioned an evaluation judgement. I am normally well organised and efficient- yet my mind went blank. I rang HLS, thank goodness. I was then able to think clearly and regain my professional composure.” HT Greater Manchester AND “I had no idea how stressed I was, headship looked easy when my own head was in the chair. Between staff falling out, parents complaining and governors demanding policies I thought I was losing who I was. Spending time with HLS every term keeps me sane!” HT Lancashire